The Proper Response to Employee Appeal Letters When Electing Coverage on the Exchange

Unsure how to properly respond to employee appeal letters? Read these tips for a professional reply. Let Cypress Benefits help today.Employee Appeal Letters


The delicate balance of power between employee and employer relies on trust between both parties. Having to turn down an application for promotion or handing out a reprimand to an otherwise good employee can be difficult for any manager. In such situations, it may be best to discuss it with the HR experts at Cypress Benefits Group.


Unfortunately, presenting an employee with a rebuke or refusing a request doesn’t mean it is the end of the issue – the appeal process can be long and arduous. Employees who draft such appeal letters may raise the question again or try to undo a disciplinary action. When drafting responses to these letters, delicacy but firmness is key.


Before Responding


There are two things you should do once you’ve read the appeal letter and before you respond.


  1. Know the company policies. Even if you were the one who wrote them, reference any specific company policies related to the issue. Not only will this allow you to cite specific rules to back up your decision, but you’ll be equally prepared if the employee has done research in an attempt to manipulate the information to his or her benefit.


  1. Stick with facts, but stay positive. Arm yourself with all the necessary information if the report came from a supervisor or other worker so you can respond with facts. Obviously, this will be an emotional discussion for the employee; it concerns his or her livelihood, so be sensitive to that when responding. Try and find some positive aspect of the employee’s work to add at the end of the letter. Acknowledging the good an employee does can take some of the sting out of the rejection or reprimand.


While Responding


There are several things to keep in mind if you want to create the most effective and professional response possible. Make sure you:


  • Use professional letterhead, either on paper or on virtual documents. You want to project an appropriate tone of importance while offering the issue enough respect for official correspondence.


  • Open with a “Dear Mr/Ms”. Responding with respect will make the employee still feel appreciated, regardless of the reason for the appeal.


  • Keep a copy for your records. If you’re emailing this response it requires less effort, but make a second copy if you’re mailing it on paper.


Responding to appeal letters doesn’t have to be stressful. Remain firm but courteous and always support your decision with clear reasoning. For help with negotiating your insurance, contact Cypress Benefits Group today.

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